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Marine, NDT, Heat Treatment & In..

Trans Asia Industrial Laboratories has an independent NDE & Inspection and Heat Treatment services division providing full range of

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Chemical Testing

TIL Chemistry department is equipped to conduct Analysis of Metal, Oil, Gas, Drilling Fluids, Chemicals, Mud, Effluents etc.,

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Microbiology Testing

Microbiological analysis is carried out to determine the amount of micro-organisms present which guide the manufacturers and suppliers regarding

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Corrosion Testing and Evaluation

One of the exclusive features of TIL is its capability to undertake special tests on corrosion as per international

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Environmental Testing

Monitoring Parameters Gases are monitored both in the stack and ambient air. Our sampling expertise includes airborne contaminants

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Non Destructive Testing & Advanced NDT

TIL provides Non Destructive Services pertinent to Structural steel works, Piping, Vessels, Tanks, and Castings as per applicable international

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MECHANICAL TESTING (DESTRUCTIVE) Metallurgy   department   establishes   the   reliability   of   welds   and   identifies material   grades   and  physical   properties   by

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Third Party Inspection (TPI) Services

Trans Asia Industrial Laboratories  has an independent Third Party Inspection Services (TPI) division providing services locally and worldwide

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