Metallurgy   department   establishes   the   reliability   of   welds   and   identifies material   grades   and  physical   properties   by  conducting   different   types   of mechanical tests in accordance with international standards and specifications.

The mechanical tests may include, but not limited to the following:

1. Tensile Test to determine the yield strength, Tensile strength, elongation, Reduction of area.

2. Hardness test‐ Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell & Micro hardness.

3. Macro Hardness Survey on weld coupon.

4. Charpy  Impact  Test  for  standard  &  Sub  size  specimens  at ambient, Sub‐zero and cryogenic temperatures.

5. Bend / Re‐bend Test/ Flattening Test.

6. Pull out Test.

7. Fracture Test.

8. Proof Load Tests.

9. Nick Break Test.

10. Compressive Load Test.

Special hardness tests as well as ferrite measurements are carried out at site by using portable equipment.  Such testing is particularly suited for jobs that do not allow the samples to be transported to the laboratory.

Welding procedure tests, welder qualification tests, material conformation  tests are all carried  out  on numerous  ferrous  and non‐ferrous  materials  for  various clients.