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1. In-situ Replica Metallography as per ASTM E 1351
2. General macro examination as per ASTM E 340
3. General microstructure of the materials as per ASTM E407.
4. Grain size measurement as per ASTM E 112.
5. Ferrite count (manual point count method} as per ASTM E 562.
6. Inclusion count as per ASTM E 45 Method D (manual microscopic method).
7. Determination of intermetallic phases as per ASTM A923 Method A (microscopic method).
8. Coating thickness measurement (microscopic method).

Also special techniques such as creep damages (creep voids, dissipation of pearlite – graphitization or periodization, grain boundary tearing and grain shrinkage etc.).Evaluations of HIC, SSCC, Quench cracks; Surface hardening inconsistent.

Metallic, intermetallic & non-metallic inclusions. Manufacturing defects such as Lap, seam, casting & forging defects other anomalies in the microstructure.

Metallurgical Failure Investigation of oil & gas refineries, marine, industrial components and commercial equipment’s etc. Carrying out investigation & preparing analysis reports with photographic documentation, technical findings, discussion, conclusion and recommendations of materials. Hands-on experience with corrosion-related failures of components from oil/ gas production and refinery industries. Also carried out investigations for court claims/insurance etc.