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Laboratory Management System Policy 

It is  the  policy  of Trans  Asia Industrial Laboratories  (TIL) to  have  full commitment  to quality  and  to provide integrity and reliability in all laboratory services fulfilling the requirements of quality in all aspects of work, continuously meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations in an impartial manner. The Management of TIL is committed to perform material testing, research and investigations in the most efficient and accurate manner in accordance with the internationally recognized standards and the regulations of the local authorities. TIL commits to continually strive for excellence as an independent, reliable and competent testing laboratory by meeting the highest level of clientele satisfaction by:

  • Committing to highest level of provision of professional practice and quality in all facets, levels and services of the laboratory to address the needs and expectations of the interested parties including but not limited to customers, regulatory authorities, organizations and schemes using peer- assessment, accreditation bodies etc.
  • Committing to consistent operation of the laboratory with highest quality of service satisfaction to the customers.
  • Committing to highest level of confidence towards impartiality in the operations and service offered by maintain the transparency of the organization’s operation and assuring the confidentiality and best quality of services to the interested parties.
  • Acquisition of highest standard and most-updated roster of equipment and services to adapt with the changing and current needs of customers
  • Implementing laboratory’s management system adhering to ISO/IEC 17025 Standard to assure its focus on quality documentation, adhering to laboratory policies and employment of its documented procedures and continual improvement of the management system.
  • Providing required resources, efficient trainings and adopting advancements in technology to maximize staff skills and capabilities and ensure their familiarization of documentation of work policies and  procedures.