OHSE Policy

We are committed to achieve the highest performance in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management. The occupational health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities we operate in are of utmost importance in all we do.

We will seek to continuously improve our services in light of advances in technology and new understandings in environmental science, occupational health and safety. Trans Asia Industrial Laboratories intends to ensure, where reasonably practical that adequate funding and resources will be available to facilitate this aim. This will be accomplished through:

  • Incorporating environmental responsibility into all business operations by planning environmental protection, conducting management review, reviewing the monitoring processes, reviewing existing policy by setting targets, reviewing and auditing performances.
  • Implementing continuous improvement in environmental performance, where reasonably practicable, by setting objectives and targets, especially in addressing the areas of resource use, by reducing energy & water consumption, introduce the use of recycle waste water, implementing general housekeeping, and improving solid liquid waste management procedure
  • Utilizing the best available techniques not entailing excessive costs to comply with the requirements of existing and future legal and other requirements, and encouraging all employees in-house and onsite to comply the applicable legal requirements.
  • Minimizing occupational health, safety and environmental risks to our employees, and the communities we operate in by employing safe technologies and control operating procedures and demonstrating commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Continuously review work areas, equipment and methods to further improve occupational health, safety and the protection of environment.
  • Hazards to occupational health and safety will be removed or where it is not practical, they will be managed so as to prevent injury, illnesses and dangerous incidents.
  • Being committed to maintaining effective communication systems on Safety and Environmental matters through continuous training and improved awareness.

We believe that this policy can only be successfully achieved with the support and commitment of all employees of Trans Asia Industrial Laboratories.


General Manager