We perform both Microbiological analysis and Legionella analysis according to Standard Methods to meet the compliance of the regulatory bodies, and in addition to performing informational tests for quality control purposes. We provide high-quality testing, sampling and reporting services. Customer service is the highest priority for our laboratory. Microbiological analysis is carried out to determine the amount of micro-organisms present which guide the manufacturers and suppliers regarding the suitability of the product for the intended end use. This will also ensure that relevant statutory requirements are fulfilled for the specified usage of the product. An important aspect of water microbiology, particularly for potable, non-potable, waste water, sewage water etc. to ensure that it is safe to drink or to use proper water quality to provide best solutions which offers a comprehensive range of testing services for any types of water analysis through our extensive microbiology laboratory services to estimate and numeration of various pathogenic bacteria that are present in the water. These tests determine the quality of water and to ensure if it’s safe for usage. Sampling of water plays an important role to measure the microbiology tests to avoid contamination following the standard methods of sampling need to be performed. Sampling of Microbiology & Sampling of legionella 

Fresh water

  •          Bottled Drinking Water
  •          Unbottled Drinking Water

Waste water

  •         Trade Effluent Water
  •          Sewage Treatment Water
  •          Industrial Waste Water

Industrial Sector

  •          Pool Water
  •          Laundry Water
  •          Chiller Water
  •          Boiler Water
  •          Dialysis Water
  •          RO Water
  •          Irrigation Water
  •          Feed Water

Other Water

  •          Tank Water
  •          Ground Water
  •          Sea Water

Micro Biological Analysis

  •      Heterotrophic plate count
  •      Escherichia coli
  •      Total coliforms
  •      Fecal coliforms
  •      Fecal streptococci
  •      Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Legionella Analysis

  •      Matrix A
  •      Matrix B
  •      Matrix C
  •      Legionella

Species and sero groups